Experience Matters

Southern Oregon University, Computer Science Department

Adjunct Professor

Design and teach networking, security, and forensics courses to undergraduate students. Designed and managed a lab with Windows and Linux workstations, and Cisco IOS routers, switches, and firewalls. Helped lead a Counter Terrorism event that taught crime-scene investigation to computer science, criminology, and chemistry students, with the help of professional law enforcement representatives.

Independent Consultant

Designed and taught computer forensics and network troubleshooting classes for Chappell University, Advanced Network Information, and other clients. Taught classes to law enforcement and network engineering staff at companies and government agencies in the US and Europe.

Cisco Systems via Advanced Network Information

Architecture Consulting Engineer

Designed and implemented Cisco-based network architectures. Developed and taught classes to channel-partner systems engineers on routing, switching, security, and wireless networking. Classes taught engineers how to configure and support secure networks with firewalls, network admission control (NAC), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), Identity Services Engine (ISE), wireless LAN controllers, access points, routers, switches, etc. Classes were taught online using WebEx and customized PHP and TCL scripts for remote access to more than 16 racks of actual equipment.

Cisco Systems

Technical Program Systems Engineer

Developed technical training materials for Cisco’s customers and employees, including Cisco Internetwork Design V2.0, Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting V3.0, Designing Cisco Networks V1.0, and Designing Switched WAN and Voice Solutions V1.0. Also developed a New Hire Exam for Cisco’s systems engineers, including Perl scripts to automate the grading of the exam.

Network General Corporation (now part of NetScout)

Training Manager, Senior Instructor, Senior Course Developer, LANGuruâ„¢ Consultant

Managed nine technical instructors. Developed and delivered courses on Ethernet, TCP/IP, and Windows networking. Courses covered in-depth theory, protocol analysis, and troubleshooting. Taught hundreds of classes in the US, Europe, and Asia. Duties included LANGuru consulting, requiring successful troubleshooting of complex design, connectivity, interoperability, and performance problems on mission-critical, enterprise networks at Fortune 500 companies.

Apple Computer, Inc.

Software Engineer

Designed and implemented a protocol to allow the Macintosh to act as a remote graphics workstation. Designed and coded libraries in C for UNIX applications programmers to interface to the remote graphics workstation. Trained pre-sales systems engineers on networking technologies, including TCP/IP, routing technologies, AppleTalk, and serial communications. Developed the Lisa 7/7 version of LisaTerminal.

Matson Navigation Co.

Computer Programmer

Designed and coded in assembly language software to automate shipyards. Wrote programs that controlled the radio communications link between an IBM minicomputer and automated overhead cranes. The software enabled the minicomputer to send commands to the cranes directing them to move and pick up containers. Installed system at the Ports of Richmond and Los Angeles, California.

University of Chicago

Computer Programmer

Developed software for a distributed database and book-circulation system for the University of Chicago libraries.