About iCertify

iCertify is a set of flash cards for Apple's iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The flash cards will help you pass Cisco's 640-802 CCNA® exam to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate. iCertify features almost 300 flash cards. The cards pose a question and then give you time to answer.

iCertify was used by the author, Priscilla Oppenheimer, as her own study guide when she renewed her CCNA certification. Her flash cards are an easy and fun way to learn and test your knowledge.

Priscilla is a well-known author and educator with strong integrity and pedagogical principles. She won't provide actual test questions or help you cheat. But she will provide well-written questions and free updates as she adds new questions to the iCertify app.

How to Buy

You can buy iCertify at the iTunes app store.

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How to Use

iCertify supports all the iPhone multi-touch features you would expect. Flick left and right to go between flash cards or simply wait for the next card to display. Use your fingers to expand cards to see more detail. Tap once to control the display. Controls let you pause, resume, go forward or backward, or return to where you started.

To change iCertify settings, from the iPhone home screen, tap Settings and scroll down to iCertify. Make your selections and enable Override. You can change the default 10 seconds between flash cards, reset the flash cards to start from the beginning, or change the dissolve transition to wipe.

iCertify Subjects

The iCertify flash cards are divided into four main subjects. Each subject is divided into multiple topics. The subjects are:

iCertify Fundamentals

iCertify Fundamentals tests your knowledge of network layers (OSI and TCP/IP), network devices, and how packets get forwarded across an internetwork. It also gives you practice converting between binary, hex, and decimal. You will want to be good at that when you take the real test! The topics in iCertify Fundamentals are:

iCertify LANs

iCertify LANs is where you will prove that you are a switch guru. Test your ability to configure, verify, and troubleshoot VLANs. Prepare to answer questions on the real exam about spanning tree. Make sure you aren't crawling up a tree when you take the actual test! The topics in iCertify LANs are:

iCertify Internetworks

iCertify Internetworks delves into IP addressing, routing, and WANs. Test your ability to quickly design and implement IP addressing schemes, including VLSM. Practice answering questions about IPv6, routing concepts and configuration, Frame Relay, PPP, etc. The topics in iCertify Internetworks are:

iCertify Security

What kind of network engineer would you be if you couldn't identify security threats to a network and describe and implement methods to mitigate those threats? Use the iCertify Security flash cards to prepare for those topics on the CCNA test. The topics in iCertify Security are:

Sample Questions

On your Mac (or PC) or your iPhone or iPod touch, click here to see a QuickTime movie of some sample iCertify questions.


iCertify is based on the popular iEnvision image-browsing software from We-Envision.com. We-Envision.com provides support for iEnvision apps and offers a Message Board for the apps.

For More Info

For info about We-Envision.Com, be sure to go to their website. For info about the author of the content for iCertify, please see Priscilla's website. Send inquiries to the author's initials at priscilla dot com. The initials are also short for post office or purchase order, and we do hope you purchase the product. :-) And, good luck on your CCNA exam!

iCertify is an independent product, not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco, Cisco Systems, and CCNA are trademarks or registered trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.