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Our house was built in 1888 for Benjamin Fox. Charles Kingsbury sold the property to Benjamin Fox in October, 1887 for $400. In August, 1888, the Ashland Tidings newspaper noted that several new dwellings were underway, including the Benjamin Fox residence. In January, 1889 the same newspaper reported that a large two-story residence was completed for Benjamin Fox. H.C. Hill was the builder. The cost was $2000. The Ashland Tidings noted improvements to the Fox house in February, 1909, citing the construction of a fine exterior porch.

Benjamin Fox was born March 4, 1827 in England. He married Mary A. Wheeler on October 1, 1853 and moved to Ashland in 1888 to join his brother, Heaton Fox. Benjamin Fox died at his house on Laurel Street on February 1, 1903. He had no descendants. His widow sold the property to S.M. Calkins for $1500. George M. Robinson, a farmer, purchased the property in June, 1909.

The Benjamin Fox house was remodelled by Clay Colley in 1989. We bought the house shortly thereafter. (We let him do the work!)

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